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Race/Carnival Days (on-mtn/off-mtn)

Competition Day (Snowboard, Freestyle)

  • Pre-race/comp:  Hand out bibs (early AM race day). Bibs are distributed every race; numbers are predetermined
  • Pre-race/comp:  Write out time sheets (early AM race day). Deb Costello will have the start order; this needs to be written onto a time sheet
  • Race:  Slip course (during course inspection). Parents can be easily trained to do this.  It is helpful to coaches who are focusing on course inspection with the racers.
  • Comp:  Bumps prep. Members of Sunday River’s competition staff assist with prep and can always use extra ha
  • Race/comp:  Carry coats. Racers are typically skiing in a GS suit.  They leave their jackets/ski pants at the start and when they reach the finish are cold and need to have their gear there.
  • Race/comp:  Time keeper. At the finish, this requires 1-2 people to listen to the times as they are announced and write them on the time sheet so racers can review their times.  It is best to have 2 people – 1 for first run and 1 for second run.
  • Race:  Gate keeping. A handful of volunteers are needed to help watch gates and be on course during the race.  This requires being on course for both runs.
  • Race/comp (off-mtn):  Lunch organization. A new idea is to have a volunteer who coordinators a group lunch by collecting $5 per family and setting up in the lodge so kids can get in and out quickly.
  • Post race:  Bib collection. Help collect bibs from kids as they come in off their second run 
  • Timing. When the groups are training gates, coaches appreciate having extra help to run the timing equipment so they can focus on coaching kids.  Parents can be easily trained to do this.
  • Video. Video is an excellent tool for coaches to help show kids what they are doing really well and where they can focus.  Parents can help with video when athletes are training gates are running drills.
  • Lunch at the Comp Center. Most kids bring a lunch and eat at the comp center.  Having parents here to help ensure they clean up and get in and out quickly would be great.  Join your kids for lunch!

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